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Kancelaria Polska (Polish Office) was established in 1989 and is also known as Jack Fruchtman Language Services. Since 1999 it is located at 419 River Dr, Garfield, New Jersey. Over the years Kancelaria Polska has been a bridge connecting recent immigrants unfamiliar with the English language and complicated rules and regulations of the law with the new world where they decided to settle down. Countless newcomers from Poland and other parts of the world have used our services. US government agencies, Polish Consulates, courts, law offices, doctors' offices, hospitals and many others use our services on a regular basis.

Jack Fruchtman is the founder of Kancelaria Polska. He arrived to the United States in the mid 1980's together with many other political refugees fleeing the repressive communist system. Immediately before his departure Jack Fruchtman was heavily involved with a Solidarnosc movement acting as an interpreter for Lech Walesa and other political and union leaders of that time. Jack Fruchtman has a master's diploma in English Language and Literature from the Gdansk University.

Our Services


  • US citizenship
  • Family pensions
  • Immigrant visas


  • Annual & quarterly
  • Federal & state
  • Business & personal


  • Document translation
  • Oral translation
  • Court translation




We Offer


Kancelaria Polska offers a full range of translation and interpretation services. Our services include translation of all documents as well as live interpretation in and out of the office.

Live Interpretation

Jack Fruchtman is a professional translator/interpreter licensed by the states of New Jersey and New York. New Jersey is a member state of a consortium of 40 other states which recognize each other's interpreting credentials. What it means is that Jack Fruchtman is authorized to perform interpreting and translating services in almost every part of the United States. He is authorized to conduct simultaneous interpretations during trials and hearings in all courts in most states.

Translation of Documents

All translations are certified with a signature and an official stamp of the sworn translator. Our official stamp is recognized by the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles and US federal, state, municipal, administrative, workers' compensation, and other courts.

We translate all kinds of documents ranging from highly specialized, technical and medical to plain language colloquial ones. We also transliterate tapes, CD and answering machine recordings and other recorded voice messages. Examples of written translations most often handled by Kancelaria Polska are: birth, marriage and death certificates issued by registrars of vital statistics, all kinds of court orders, judgments and decisions including divorces, civil judgments, criminal orders and decisions, probation documents, workers' compensation awards, school and college diplomas, report cards, college transcripts, medical and surgical records, hospital transcripts and discharge letters, MRI, CAT scan and X-ray test descriptions and results, income tax return forms and attachments, driver licenses, motor vehicle's titles of ownership and registrations, wills, testaments, prenuptial agreements, instruction manuals, newspaper articles, union agreements, personal letters, application forms, etc.

Taxes & Accounting

Kancelaria Polska offers professional tax services for individuals, businesses and corporations. (For more details, place your mouse over each service)

  • Annual and quarterly tax
  • Federal and state tax (all states)
  • Calculation of sales tax
  • Registration of trade names and corporations (all states and counties)
  • Filing applications for disability, retirement, compensation and other social benefits
  • Correspondence with ZUS in Warsaw, Poland


  • Family petitions
  • Employment based petitions
  • Immigrant visas
  • Non-immigrant visas (tourist, student, work etc.)
  • Visa extension
  • Visa denial appeals
  • Asistance at the Immigration Office (USCIS)
  • US citizenship





If you would like to inquire about our services, leave a comment or have a question please feel free to contact me using the email address below.


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